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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diesel Emissions Causing Injury to Workers

Diesel exhaust continues to be a major health hazard for certain workers. The American Lung Association has reported that, "Truck drivers, dockworkers and railroad workers may face higher risk of death from lung cancer and COPD from breathing diesel emissions on the job. Studies found that these workers who inhaled diesel exhaust on the job were much more likely to die from lung cancer, COPD and heart disease."  

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Anonymous said...

Strader v. NJ Turnpike Authority

03-15381 decided March 20, 2006 by the

Honorable Bradley W. Henson, Sr., J.W.C.

Petitioner alleged his lung cancer was caused by intense and continual exposure to toxic emission fumes while he worked as a toll collector at a particularly busy and polluted interchange on the NJ Turnpike. After carefully weighing the evidence, the judge found that the petitioner met his burden of proving his lung cancer was the result of many years of intense exposure to carcinogens peculiar to his work environment.