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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nebraska Adopts Workers Compensation Lump-Sum Settlements Without Court Review

The State of Nebraska has moved forward administratively and now permits the settlement of workers’ compensation claims without Court approval. The parties need only file a release with the Court. The injured workers must be represented by counsel and the settlements are limited to those involving lump-sum amounts.

“Notice Effective May 27, 2009, the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act was amended to eliminate court review of certain lump-sum settlements. Legislative Bill 630 provides that in cases where lump-sum settlements are not required to be submitted for approval by the compensation court, a release shall be filed. LB 630 further provides that the release shall be made on a form approved by the compensation court.

“48-136 The interested parties shall have the right to settle all matters of compensation between themselves with the consent of the workers’ compensation insurer, if any, and in accordance with the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act. A copy of such settlement, duly verified by all parties, shall be filed with the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court and no  such settlement shall be binding unless the settlement is in accordance with such act.”

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