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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sodium Dichromate Exposure - Court Rules Lawsuit by Former National Guard Proceeds

Former soldiers from the Indiana National Guard, the West Virginia National Guard and the British Air Force will be permitted to proceed with their claim against KBR, Inc. and Halliburton Co. for injuries and they allege arose out of their exposure to sodium dichromate while working at the Quarmat Ali water treatment plant in Iraq.

Judge Vanessa D. Gilmore, US District Court Judge, ruled that, "The sodium dichromate at Quarmat Ali was toxic, present in the environment, and used to treat water for oil well operations.  It was thus an environmental and industrial hazard."

The soldiers, in 2003, provided military protection to civilian teams who were working to restore operations as part of the Project Restore Iraqi Oil (RIO) on behalf of the United States. The soldiers in a  complaint filed in 2010 allege that they were exposed to sodium dichromate which, when mixed with water, acts as an anti-corrosive agent. The chemical is known to be an irritant and a carcinogen.

The court rejected KBR's request that the case be dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. the Court ruled that it did have jurisdiction over the matter since a "political question" was not raised and the activities alleged did not fall under the combatant activities exceptions in the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).  The Court declared in its Order, "... that KBR's actions may thus be evaluated under traditional tort standards."

Sgt. Mark McManaway, et al., v. KBR, INC., et al, Civil Action H-10-1044 (So.D. TX 2012) Decided August 16, 2012.

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