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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unsafe to Travel – "America is one big pothole”

Outgoing US Secretary of  The Department  of Transportation (DOT) , Ray LaHood, described the deteriorating safety conditions of the nation’s transportation system. Reverberating are the statistics demonstrating  increased  dangers to workers who utilize it.

Employees and employers would be wise to start pressing Congress to update the transportation system which is now falling to the level of a third world country. Health, welfare and reduced workers' compensation claims would result.

LaHood: ‘America is one big pothole’ "America is one big pothole right now," LaHood said in an interview on "The Diane Rehm Show" on National Public Radio.

"At one time ... we were the leader in infrastructure," LaHood continued. "We built the interstate system. It's the best road system in the world, and we're proud of it. But we're falling way behind other countries, because we have not made the investments."

... "The next decisions that will be made by this Congress, by this administration will have to be bold if we're going to continue our efforts to fix up our roads, keep our highways in a state of good repair, to fix up unsafe bridges," he said. "We need a bold plan, and a bold way to fund it."

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