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Monday, April 8, 2013

Medical Fraud: Physician Self-Referral Continuing to be an Issue

While the Federal government (The Stark Law) was been targeting physician self-referral programs for enforcement in Medicare, a recent report suggests that the procedure is continuing unabated in the Oklahoma workers' compensation program.

"Nearly half of the doctors who serve as independent medical examiners in Oklahoma's workers' compensation system have ownership interests in treatment facilities to which patients are referred."

Click here to read the complete article: "Physician self-referrals common in Oklahoma workers' compensation system" 

Click here to view the video report.

"This Special Fraud Alert addresses physician-owned entities that derive revenue from selling, or arranging for the sale of, implantable medical devices ordered by their physician-owners for use in procedures the physician-owners perform on their own patients at hospitals or ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). "

Click here to read: US Office of Inspector General: Special Fraud Alert-Physician Owned Entities (3/26/2013)
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