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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A New Record for the Workers' Compensation Blog

This week marks a new records for the Workers' Compensation Blog. We have now recorded a half-a-million hits. That is double of our old reported record of only 14 months ago.

It is exciting to know that the interest in issues involving workplace benefits and safety continues
unabated. The ever changing and evolving issues in workers' compensation remain of constant interest both nationally and internationally.

Our thanks, and appreciation for reaching this new record, goes to our entire team of dedicated and knowledgeable, guest authors who have welcomed the opportunity to share their material directly, and through, our newly adopted and rapidly expanding service Tembow.

Very shortly, our syndication service, Tembow, is about to launch a new syndication service that has will expand syndication to vast dimensions. We hope that more of you will take the opportunity to participate, because our intent is to keep you, our readers, the most important part of this service.