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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Infectious Disease: Cyclospora Infection Becomes More Widespread

Cyclospora Infections continue to be reported in the Midwest and Texas and rampant to over 230 cases of the disease. The source remains unknown as of this evening. I the last twice days over 50 cases have reported as the disease is becoming more widespread.
Contaminated fruits or
vegetables maybe the source

Infectious disease that occur in the course of employment maybe consider compensable conditions and ill workers may claim workers' compensation benefits.

The disease that causes a numerous amount of symptoms including gastrointestinal conditions that require hospitalization, has been associated with contaminated fruits and vegetables in the past. Overseas produced vegetables have been a past source of the medical condition.

"This is a relatively large outbreak, and if they are getting good food histories and following up to identify potentially common distribution pathways, it seems they should have a good chance to pin down the source," Hedberg added.
"This may come too late to prevent cases in this outbreak, but learning where this came from could help us prevent the next outbreak from happening. This is an important reason for continuing the investigation, even if it looks like the outbreak is over."
He also said it appears that the current outbreak does not include many event-related case clusters, unlike the big 1996 outbreak. That, plus state officials' comments about vegetables as a possible source, suggests a fresh produce item that has been distributed through multiple outlets, he added.
"The distribution of cases in Iowa and Nebraska suggests a common distributor, and if the cases in Texas are related, that may help triangulate on specific distribution pathways or products," Hedberg commented.
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