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Monday, December 16, 2013

Chemical at Goodyear Plant Linked to Bladder Cancer in 50 Workers

Bladder cancer has been a persistent medical condition in the petrochemical industry. It usually appears in clusters of workers as many are exposed at one time to chemicals that cause this compensable condition. Often medical monitoring is a remedy available under workers' compensation and sometimes a claim against the suppliers and producers of the chemical used is available. Today's post is shared from
Harry and Diane Weist at Home

The nonprofit investigative news organization the Center for Public Integrity has a report linking chemical exposures at a New York Goodyear plant to an increased risk of bladder cancer in some of its workers.
According to the report, 50 workers in the 67-year-old Niagara Falls factory have fallen ill -- three times the number that would have been expected in the normal population.
Reporter Jim Morris said that federal investigators pointed to a substance called ortho-toluidine as the root cause of the elevated bladder cancer risk. The substance was made by DuPont and there is new evidence that the company knew ortho-toluidine caused cancer in animals since the '50s. "It didn't formally notify Goodyear until 1977 that there 'might' be a problem with this chemical and even then it was not a very firm warning," explained Morris.
For Harry Weist (pictured with his wife, Diane), bladder cancer struck his family twice -- first, when his father-in-law, also a Goodyear worker, was diagnosed -- then, when he himself was diagnosed, in...
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