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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Driving instructor killed by asbestos exposure in 1960s

Asbestos related disease is manifested many years after exposure.Today's post was shared by Ban Asbestos Network and comes from

Asbestos seen through a microscope
Asbestos seen through a microscope

A Midland husband who worked as a driving instructor for 40 years died after being exposed to lethal asbestos in a previous job in the 60s.
Harvey Brian Eggerton was exposed to the killer dust while working as a carpenter for Erdington building firmGeorge Stubbings, an inquest heard.
The64-year-old, of Sutton Road, Walsall, succumbed to bronchopneumonia dueto mesothelioma on November 23 after suffering a rapid deterioration, coroner Robin Balmain said.
MrEggerton’s widow Christine confirmed that her husband had cut asbestos sheets to line outbuildings over a three or four-year period before being made redundant in 1969.
Hewas cared for by St Giles Hospice, where support staff encouraged him in his successful claim for £26,000 in industrial injuries compensation plus disability living allowance.
MrsEggerton said: “When things used to come up on TV that there were different [asbestos] cases, he used to make light of it and say ‘I used to cut up asbestos’.
“I suppose we were naive, really – just didn’t really think anything of it.”
She said Mr Eggerton had started to get short of breath last year and had been diagnosed with the asbestos cancer this February.
Mr Balmain said a post mortem was unnecessary because the biopsy results were proof enough.
He told the widow: “There’s plenty of evidence that your husband’s death is due to an industrial disease.”
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