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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Court Dismisses KBR Request to Be Indemnified From Exposure Lawsuits

The United States Court of Federal Claims has dismissed a complaint filed by Kellogg Brown & Root [KBR] demanding reimbursement from the US Government for claims arising out of  exposures to toxic substances. KBR provided services the US Government to refurbish and rebuild the Iraqi oil (Restore Iraqi Oil [RIO] contract) infrastructure in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom .

KBR was sued by persons involved in force protection which involved Nation Guard personnel and British soldiers. Sodium dichromate, a potentially hazardous chemical, had been used at Qarmat
Ali and the site may have been contaminated with this chemical. KBR had sought indemnification from the US Government.

Kellog Brown & Root Services, Inc., v The United States, The US Court of Federal Claims No. 12-780 C (Filed March 7, 2014)

"In one of several lawsuits stemming from the work, a group of Oregon veterans won a judgment of more than $80 million in 2012 after accusing KBR of knowingly allowing a carcinogen — sodium dichromate — to contaminate the area around the plant that soldiers guarded. KBR, which disputed the suit, appealed the jury verdict.

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