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Monday, July 7, 2014

America’s Truckin’ Network to Feature Rod Rehm as Guest Wednesday Night

Questions about workers’ compensation for truckers? Is your family member a trucker who is injured? Get help figuring out the answers by calling and listening in to the America’s Truckin Network show on Wednesday night nationally recognized workers' compensation attorney Rod Rehm on the Nebraska Bar. Rod has been a frequent guest author on this blog.
Rod is scheduled to be featured as the guest on this Wednesday night’s edition of the America’s Truckin’ Network show. It runs from 11 p.m. Wednesday through 4 a.m. Thursday (midnight to 5 a.m. Eastern Time) on 700 WLW-AM out of Cincinnati. Plan to listen or call in during the first hour or two to get details on workers’ compensation and truckers from Mr. Rehm.
He is scheduled as Wednesday night’s guest because of his work representing truckers for over 30 years, 15 of which have been through the website
Mr. Rehm will join the show’s host, Steve Sommers, to discuss essentials of workers’ compensation for truck drivers. “We will cover things that professional truck drivers absolutely must know about how workers’ compensation affects truckers,” Mr. Rehm said. The law firm also often helps truckers nationwide through referrals to attorneys in their own state, due to differences in state laws and workers’ compensation coverage.
According to the radio station, “Steve Sommers joined the Truckin’ Bozo Radio Network in 1996, hosting the show on weekends and filling in for his father, Dale Sommers (Truckin’ Bozo). In 2004, Dale handed over the main hosting duties to his son, Steve, keeping this popular program in the family with a new name: America’s Truckin’ Network!
Mr. Sommers is dedicated to continuing the high standards and traditions of America’s Truckin’ Network, ensuring long-haul truckers have news, weather, music and conversation to keep them company over the long and sometimes lonely miles of the American roads.”
There are a number of ways for folks to participate in the America’s Truckin’ Network show, both through listening and by asking questions. Stream through a computer at or listen to 700WLW-AM.
We invite you to listen in and also call with your questions to (513) 749-7000 or (888) 860-8785. And we thank Mr. Sommers for the opportunity to be Wednesday night’s featured guest!
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