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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lawmakers Announce $17 Billion Deal To Overhaul VA Health Care

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The overhaul makes it easier for veterans waiting a long time to see a VA doctor to get care from a private doctor's office. It also includes money to hire new doctors and lease new clinic space. Negotiators are confident of the bill's smooth passage through Congress.
NPR: After 5 Weeks Of Haggling, Congress Inks Bipartisan VA Bill
Congress has reached a bipartisan deal to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs, after nearly two months of tense negotiations (Lawrence, 7/28).
The New York Times: Deal Allots $17 Billion For Overhaul of V.A. Health Care System
House and Senate negotiators announced an agreement Monday on legislation that would allocate about $17 billion to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs’ sprawling and beleaguered health care system. But the deal does not give the department everything that officials there have said is needed to fix its problems (Schleifer and Oppel Jr., 7/28).
The Wall Street Journal: Lawmakers Unveil $17 Billion Fix For Veterans Affairs
The agreement still needs the green light from a committee of House and Senate lawmakers, after which it will need to be approved by both chambers before being sent to the White House for the president's signature. About $12 billion of the total is considered emergency funding, which doesn't need to be offset by cuts elsewhere in the budget -- a decision that could still bring objections from more conservative Republicans. Mr. Miller said he was optimistic Congress would act this week...
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