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Friday, November 21, 2014

Immigrants, Others, Still Struggle With

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Despite a smoother start to this year's open enrollment, immigrants report there is no clear way to upload copies of their green cards to show they are legal residents, while others have trouble with sign-ins and passwords.
The Associated Press: Immigrants Baffled By Lapse
Like other customers, immigrants are relieved that the government's health insurance website is working fairly well this year. They're baffled, though, by what looks like an obvious lapse: There is no clear way to upload a copy of their green card, the government identification document that shows they are legal U.S. residents and therefore entitled to benefits under President Barack Obama's health care law. (Alonso-Zaldivar, 11/19)
USA Today: Smoother Start, But Some Struggle With
Sign-ups have generally gone more smoothly than last year for, although some consumers and insurance agents are having problems with the site that are reminiscent of last fall's open enrollment experiences. Numerous log-in and password failures were reported Monday, but federal officials call these cases the exception. (O'Donnell and Ungar, 11/18)
Meanwhile, Humana makes paying monthly premiums easier -
Modern Healthcare: CVS Accepting Exchange Insurance Payments
National health insurer Humana said Tuesday that policyholders who have bought its health plans on a federal or state insurance exchange or through its website can now pay their monthly premiums at any...
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