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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fortune of fraud: Top 5 biggest payouts to federal whistleblowers in 2014

TRILLION DOLLAR DEAL monitor capitol dome money

In the last fiscal year, the federal government recovered a record $5.69 billion under the False Claims Act, which means the payouts to the whistleblowers, who play a crucial role in exposing cases of fraud, have been some of the biggest ever.
Whistleblowers who file false claims lawsuits can receive up to 30 percent of the money that a company pays to the government, which added up to $435 million in whistleblower rewards primarily for mortgage, health care and defense fraud cases.
Here’s a round up of some of the biggest false claims settlements and the subsequent whistleblower rewards from the last fiscal year:
Johnson & Johnson
Settlement: $2.2 billion “to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from allegations relating to the prescription drugs Risperdal, Invega and Natrecor, including promotion for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration  and payment of kickbacks to physicians and to the nation’s largest long-term care pharmacy provider.” It’s one of the largest health care fraud settlements in U.S. history, according to the Department of Justice

Whistleblower’s share: $167.7 million divided among whistleblowers in Pennsylvania ($112 million), Massachusetts ($27.7 million) and California ($28 million).
JP Morgan Chase

A New York City Police office stands at

Settlement: $614 million “for violating the False Claims Act by knowingly originating and underwriting non-compliant mortgage loans...
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