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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Synchronizing Federal Care for Oil Spill Workers

The need for coordination of Federal benefits for oil spill workers is now becoming a major concern. It is becoming more apparent, by the day, that the State programs are now stretched beyond their limits to respond to the crisis. As The Path To Federalization expands, this debate will expand.

A recent study by the Center for American Progress addresses these concerns.

"Health threats from the oil spill may linger unseen, perhaps for more than a generation. And we will not be fully prepared to address the public health problems that arise in the future unless there is an effective and coordinated handover of responsibilities for protecting public health from the emergency response agencies to agencies with the capability and capacity for long-term monitoring and management. Federal agencies have been pulled in as needed in the gulf spill response, but it’s not clear that the Health and Human Services response has been synchronized from the top to ensure effective delivery and coordination."

"In short, the spill reiterates why we need to better manage the short- and longterm responses required to address the public health threats such disasters pose whether they are manmade or due to natural causes."