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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Employers Face Liability For Cell Phone Accidents

Accidents resulting from the use of cell phones at work shift liability to to the employer. Todd Clement, an expert trial lawyer from Dallas TX, in a recent interview, explains why employers are going to paying damages for distracted driving accidents involving their employees.

Multiple claims can be made following a work-related distracted driving accident caused by an employee's use of a cell phone. Those claims include an action by an employee, the who used the cell phone, against the employer for workers' compensation benefits. Since the system is a "no fault" program, the employer becomes liable for the payment of benefits to the employee inclusing: temporary, medical and permanent benefits.

Claims can also be made by the passenger (co-employee) against the employer under the workers' compensation act. Also, anyone else injured may also file a liability claim against the employer for their employee's distracted driving conduct.

In some jurisdictions claims may also exist an employer directly by an employee for the employer's failure to maintain a safe workplace. In many jurisdictions, if The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cites an employer for maintaining an unsafe workplace, the employee may also be subject to OSHA files. Those violations may also be evidence used against the employer to establish proof that the employee did indeed maintain an unsafe workplace.