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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get Sodium Out Of Workers' Diets

Today NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced that 21 companies are voluntarily reducing sodium in packaged or restaurant foods. 

The indirect beneficiaries are both employers and employees who are served or purchase prepackage foods in employer cafeterias and restaurants  Sodium has been causally connected to risk of increased illness and disease. 

"The sodium reduction targets were by the National Salt Reduction Initiative – a partnership announced by Mayor Bloomberg in 2008, which is the first-ever nationwide partnership to reduce sodium in the U.S. food supply. These achievements demonstrate that food companies can make important, measureable improvements to the healthfulness of the foods that will appear on shelves across the United States. Most salt in the diet of Americans – nearly 80 percent – comes from packaged or restaurant foods, not table salt or home cooking, making it challenging for any individual to monitor sodium intake, and choose to decrease sodium intake. Approximately, 90 percent of Americans consume too much sodium, much of which comes from foods that do not always taste salty, such as bread, cold-cuts, cookies or tomato sauce. Cutting salt intake lowers blood pressure, a major preventable risk factor for heart disease and stroke, two of the leading causes of death in the United States. Researchers have estimated that reducing daily sodium intake by 1,200 milligrams can prevent up to 92,000 deaths and save up to $24 billion in health care costs each year."
Click here to read the complete announcement:
Mayor Bloomberg Announces Results of National Effort to Reduce Sodium in Pre-Packaged Foods

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