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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce Seeks to Intervene in Opt-Out Case

In Oklahoma it is now off to the Courts to determine if the Workers' Compensation legislation is really Constitutional. The radical program eliminates the the century old promise between Labor and Industry by transferring the benefit program out of the administrative/judicial adversary system for an employer based insurance scheme. This post is shared from the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce.
State Chamber President & CEO Fred Morgan comments on the joint chamber Motion to Intervene filed to protect Senate Bill 1062:

“The reforms and restructuring of Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation system that were passed this past legislative session need to be defended,” said Fred Morgan, president and CEO of the State Chamber of Oklahoma. “For the past twenty years, workers’ compensation reform has been the number one economic development issue for Oklahoma. The change to an administrative system, and bringing our benefits back into line with surrounding states, has already seen positive results.”

“We are pleased to join with the Attorney General’s office, Oklahoma City and Tulsa chambers in our fervent defense of these long-needed reforms. Oklahoma businesses need the recently passed reforms to be upheld so we can focus on creating strong, well-paying jobs and developing our growing economy.”

Mike Neal, president and CEO of the Tulsa Regional Chamber also commented on the motion.

“Along with our regional partners, through the OneVoice agenda, we have advocated for appropriate changes to the state's workers' compensation system for many years," said Neal. "We are hopeful the legal challenges can be addressed swiftly so businesses can begin seeing decreased costs and our state will finally realize competitive advantage with a system that works for both employers and employees.”

The Motion to Intervene was filed on behalf of the State Chamber of Oklahoma, Tulsa Regional Chamber, and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber.