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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Former Texas Workers' Compensation Director Pleads Guilty to $500,000 Fraud

Former Texas Association Of School Boards (TASB) Workers Compensation Claims Administration Director Pleads Guilty To Mail Fraud Charges
In Austin today, Herman G. Wilks, former Department Director of Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration for the Texas Association of School Boards, Inc. (TASB), pleaded guilty to stealing over $500,000 from the TASB’s Risk Management Fund announced United States Attorney Robert Pitman and Federal Bureau of InvestigationSpecial Agent in Charge Armando Fernandez, San Antonio Division.
The TASB is a voluntary, non-profit, statewide educational association that serves and represents local Texas school districts, regional education service centers, community colleges, and tax appraisal districts. One of the products and services offered by TASB to its members is the TASB Risk Management Fund. The TASB Risk Management Fund provides specific coverage to members through their requisite financial contributions into the risk management pool. This coverage can then apply with regard to unemployment compensation claims, workers' compensation claims, auto, liability and property programs. Wilks’ TASB duties included the supervision of setting up member school districts' workers' compensation claims, adjudicating medical bills and carrying out the utilization, management and pre-authorization functions required by the workers' compensation statutes. Pursuant to his title and area of responsibility at TASB, Wilks had control over and...

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