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Monday, May 26, 2014

Professional Footbal Players Facing a New Dilemma. Louisiana workers’ comp bill heads to the full Senate

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A controversial workers’ compensation bill proposed by the Saints continues to work its way through the Louisiana legislature.
Already passed by the House of Representatives, the bill passed the Senate labor committee Thursday on a vote of 4-3.  It now will progress to the full Senate for a vote.
The dispute centers on the formula for calculating workers’ compensation benefits for players injured during offseason or training camp practices, when they’re not earning their full salary.  The Saints’ bill would focus on the earnings at the time of the injury; the players want the benefits to be based on a 52-week average.
The battle, as Saints outside lawyer Chris Kane recently explained it to PFT, first arose 14 years ago in the court system.  The Saints’ position regarding out-of-season injuries primarily had prevailed via litigation, and the bill was introduced this year after several attempts by a employee lawyer to pass a bill that would codify the players’ preferred formula.
[I]t’s the CBA all over again, in regards to just [the fact that] there’s issues that are always management and NFL versus the Players Association and players,” Saints quarterback Drew Brees recently said, via Mike Triplett of  “I can tell you one thing, one thing that’s non-negotiable is workers compensation and player health...
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