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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Retiree Health Plans Considered

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Bar chart showing large firms who offer retiree health benefits

Dave Gardner says:
The health exchanges are also a help to many retirees losing group coverage. It is also an alternative to COBRA or state benefits continuation. This is especially true for those who can qualify for a premium subsidy (tax credit) based on income.
Still, it is hard to tell retirees their loss of benefits has a “silver lining.” Most will not see it that way.
Between the availability of the exchanges, premium subsidies and continued “dumping” of group health for Medicare eligible coverages, it is no surprise major corporations favored the ACA. In a number of ways, this is another example of passing the buck to govt. to pay i.e. privatizing profits while socializing losses.
Corporate welfare is still welfare. Eventually Elizabeth Warren, Ralph Nader and the Tea Party will realize they share common ground here.
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