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Thursday, October 30, 2014


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It’s certainly not impossible to think that California airline workers or healthcare workers could have frontline exposure to carriers of the Ebola virus. While this is principally a public health issue, it could morph into a significant workers’ comp issue.

Thankfully the USA has only seen a handful of Ebola infections, and several of those infected have recovered with intensive treatment.

California does not have direct flights from West African countries, so the level of controversy here has been somewhat lower.

But nationally, even with those limited cases there has been a great deal of confusion and even hysteria.

The Obama Administration and the Governors of New York, New Jersey and Maine have been clashing over what precautions should be instituted.

A nurse, Kaci Hickox, who volunteered in West Africa was quarantined against her will. Hickox proved adept at garnering media attention, and gained widespread public sympathy. This generated  a political outcry from politicians , CDC officials , and editorial writers who contend mandatory quarantine was unnecessary and counterproductive.

Yet,  it seemed curious that U.S. military are being sent to Italy for quarantine after helping in West Africa but that the Obama Administration did not support quarantine of those returning to the USA who are known to have had direct contact with African Ebola victims.


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