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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Uncertainty Continues to Dominate the California System

Today's post is shared from David DePaola, After practicing workers' compensation law for nearly 18 years, he founded and grew WorkCompCentral, a respected news and education service in the workers' compensation industry. David discussed a most critical and continuing problem, the delivery of medical care, a continuing experiment in California that continues to remain unsolved.
David DePaola

"The unanswered question is how much was saved by denying unnecessary medical care," the WorkCompCentral story this morning queries, stating that Greg Johnson, director of medical analytics for WCIRB, said the WCIRB simply can't answer that question.

"Honestly, there's no way the WCIRB will ever be able to answer that question because it is not germane to IMR filings - we don't really know that IMR is denying unnecessary medical care. We only know that IMR is upholding Utilization Review denials, which may, or anecdotally more often than we admit, may not, be about appropriate care.

"As I mentioned before, the anecdotal evidence suggests that UR is being used too often for cost containment rather than directing care. And frankly the amount of time it takes to get through a couple of UR denials and appeals, and then IMR review, denial and appeal, is incentive enough not to push for any particular treatment request - it's easier just to go to a general health doctor to get treatment for an ailment of "unknown origin."

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