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Monday, December 22, 2014

McDonald’s charged with abusing workers over wage protests

Today's post is an interview of Steven Greenhouse, retiring Labor reported for the, condusted on the PBS Newshour.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Yesterday, we told you that the National Labor Relations Board filed formal complaints against McDonald’s and some of its franchisees.
To unpack this story further, we’re joined now by Steven Greenhouse. Until this past week, he was a correspondent for The New York Times who covered labor issues, among other things.
So, what does the NLRB allege that McDonald’s or its franchisees did?
STEVEN GREENHOUSE: So, the Labor Board says that McDonald’s and many of its franchisees around the country improperly retaliated against, spied on workers who participated in this Fight for 15 campaign of fast food workers, demanding a base wage of $15 an hour at fast food restaurants around the country.
So, there’s usually a distinction between McDonald’s, the owning franchise, or, I guess, the brand, and all of the franchisees. But why are they lumped together in this?
STEVEN GREENHOUSE: What’s really gotten under McDonald’s and the business community’s skin is the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board is saying McDonald’s is a joint employer with its franchisees.
So, it’s saying that a franchise that might have 30 employees and often acts as if, well, I, the franchise owner, I’m the only employer, the NLRB is saying McDonald’s exercises so much influence over the restaurants, telling them, you know — with all sorts of requirements about how to cook,...
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