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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rubio signals his thoughts about benefits: Votes NO on TRIA

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Sen. Marco Rubio was one of only four members of his chamber to vote today against a federal terrorism insurance program, which had earlier passed the House by a near unanimous vote.

As the Associated Press describes it, “The program provides a backstop in which the government steps in to cover the bulk of losses after the first $200 million in damages from a terrorist attack, up from $100 million previously.”

It was the first bill to clear the 114th Congress and President Obama is expected to sign it to law.

So why did Rubio join liberals including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren?

“The Terrorism Risk Insurance Program has become just another big corporate welfare handout,” Rubio spokeswoman Brooke Sammon wrote in a statement. “Senator Rubio had hoped that more would be done to reform this program and allow the private market to evolve. Thankfully, the insurance program has never been triggered. It’s his hope our nation continues to be protected from another terrorist attack by the brave men and women serving America and that the six year authorization will never have to be utilized.”