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Sunday, September 8, 2013

'Flurry' Of New Reports Show Wide Variations On Insurance Rate Costs

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News outlets continue to follow recent studies released by several health policy groups about the expected premiums for plans offered on the new online insurance marketplaces.

McClatchy: Studies Show Varying Costs For Coverage Under Obamacare
A flurry of new reports from prominent health care research organizations show the cost of individual health coverage under Obamacare will vary widely among states next year, but drastic predictions of premium "sticker shock" have not materialized thus far. New research by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the RAND Corp. and Avalere Health have found competitive, affordable prices for individual coverage in states where the information is available. Those states include Washington, California, Florida, South Carolina and Texas (Pugh, 9/5).

Marketplace: New Reports Give Estimated Costs Of Healthcare Reform Plans
The health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act open in October. This week some reports are giving new estimates of how much money it will take to get into some of those plans (Hill, 9/5).

Huffington Post: Obamacare Premiums Will Vary Widely By State And City: Report
Retail prices for health insurance can be considerably different based in part on the cost of health care services where a person lives, even within the same state, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported Wednesday. Premiums also vary based on age, family size and tobacco use. But under Obamacare, prices cannot be based on someone's medical history and patients...
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