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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Obama Vows Better Health Care, Other Initiatives, For Vets, Military

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Addressing the American Legion’s national convention, the president announced steps to expand access to mental health care and an initiative to lower home loan costs for military families. He also promised a new "culture of accountability' at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
The New York Times: Obama Tells Veterans He Will Fix Health System, As New Report Lists Lapses
President Obama on Tuesday promised several thousand military veterans that he would fulfill his “sacred trust” to those returning from America’s wars by overhauling a dysfunctional health care system, even as a new report documented “unacceptable and troubling lapses” in medical treatment (Baker and Philipps, 8/26).
Los Angeles Times: Obama Tells American Legion He's Working To Regain Veterans' Trust
The list included seemingly straightforward changes, such as making it easier for veterans to earn commercial driver's licenses, and new funding for complex research. The Pentagon and the National Institutes of Health have launched a study on early detection of suicide risk, post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain disorder, while the VA will invest $34.4 million in a national clinical trial on suicide prevention involving 1,800 veterans at 29 hospitals, the White House said (Hennessey, 8/26).
The Washington Post: Obama Pledges Better Mental Health Services, Other Initiatives For Military, Vets
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