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Pandemic Preparedness Experts

Pandemic Preparedness Experts
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vaccinating Workers In a Pandemic Maybe a Pain for Employers

The US DHHS has issued a draft guidance for allocation of pandemic flu vaccine. Tough decisions for tough times is what it looks like. What workers will be allocated vaccinations and in what order in preference in the general population? Tough decisions for tough times.

Vaccinations afforded to employees which provide benefit to the employer against possible disastrous business consequences have been considered to be a mutual benefit. Saintsing v. Steinbach Co., 1 N.J.Super. 259, 64 A.2d 99 (App.Div.1949).

The public as been asked to comment staring, Friday, October 26, 2007.

"This draft guidance is intended to provide strong advice to support planning an effective and consistent pandemic response by States and communities. Nevertheless, it is important that plans are flexible as the guidance may be modified based on the status of vaccine technology, the characteristics of pandemic illness, and risk groups for severe disease –factors that will remain unknown until a pandemic actually occurs.The Federal Government has embarked on a rigorous and collaborative process that seeks input from all interested parties in developing this strategy. Hearing opinions from persons and organizations with a wide variety of interests and concerns is the best way to ensure that allocation of vaccine in the early stages of a pandemic is fair and provides the best chance for our country to emerge from a pandemic with minimal levels of illness, death, and disruption to our society and economy."

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