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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Washington Supreme Court Restricts Asbestos Claims

The Washington Supreme Court has taken a step back in time and rendered two significant decisions limiting he rights of asbestos victims to gain recovery. The Court ruled that if a company did not make asbestos products or manufacture them there was no duty to war. Speaking for the minority, Justice Debra Stephens wrote, "no duty to warn of a serious hazard it knew or should have known was involved in the use of its product ignores logic, common sense, and justice." 

Dec. 11, 200880251-3-Braaten v. Saberhagen Holdings
Dec. 11, 200880251-3-Braaten v. Saberhagen Holdings (Dissent)
ec. 11, 200880076-6-Simonetta v. Viad Corp.
Dec. 11, 200880076-6-Simonetta v. Viad Corp. (Dissent)

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