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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pittsburg Corning to Plans to Pay Asbestos Victims $825 Million

PPG Industries (Pittsburg Corning Corp.) and its insurers plan to pay out millions of dollars to victims of asbestos disease. In a bankruptcy reorganization plan filed with the Court for its approval, it was announced that PPG intended to pay out $825 Million in cash over the next 15 years.

PPG had filed for bankruptcy protection in 2000 under because of alleged potential asbestos lawsuit liabilities. Asbestos fiber, which the company supplied and manufactured, has been linked to asbestos related diseases in former asbestos workers, users and household contacts of former workers, including: asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

"While we continue to believe PPG is not responsible for injuries caused by Pittsburgh Corning products, this amended plan would permanently resolve PPG's asbestos liabilities associated with Pittsburgh Corning," James C. Diggs, PPG's senior VP, general counsel and secretary, said in the statement.

The trust would be funded with $1.6 Billion in cash payments through 2027. Approval of the reorganization plan is required.

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