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Friday, April 3, 2009

CMS/MSP Requires Deceased Beneficiary Information

CMS has announced that workers' compensation information concerning deceased beneficiaries must be reported by insurance carriers.

"We received another question about deceased beneficiaries, were they covered under the reporting; yes they are. If someone is a Medicare beneficiary or was a Medicare beneficiary at any of the time period issue the claim has to be reported if it meets the other criteria."
Transcript of Teleconference 3/24/09, page 5

Death benefits to dependents, are those reportable? Again you go back to what we’ve referenced in the manual where something that doesn’t claim or release or have the effect of releasing medicals with respect to the beneficiary does not need to be reported. But if it does any other those things then yes it needs to be reported.
Transcript of Teleconference 3/24/09, page 12

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