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Pandemic Preparedness Experts

Pandemic Preparedness Experts
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

OSHA Head Announces Strategy To Protect American Workers From Flu Pandemic

Testifying before the US Congress, Jordan Barab, Acting Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), declared that the agency had a strategy for protecting American workers. He declared that, "The full range of OSHA’s training, education, enforcement, and public outreach programs will be used to help employers and workers protect themselves at work."

Barab further stated, " ....addressing an influenza pandemic that threatens the workplaces of this nation, we are confronting an unprecedented hazard. In OSHA’s 38-year history, America has never experienced a flu pandemic. However, I would characterize this situation for the workforce just as the President has described it for the nation: “Cause for deep concern, but not panic.” I am very confident in the expertise of OSHA’s medical, scientific, compliance assistance and enforcement personnel. OSHA is prepared to address this threat and we will protect our workforce. I will keep you informed about OSHA efforts to protect America’s working men and women from pandemic flu exposure."

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