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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Compensation Judges Are Becoming Linkedin

A new trend is underway as Judges reach out for ways to stay informed and exchange information in the new technology of the world. It has been reported that Judges from the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals to State trial level Judges are reaching out to stay connected. Derek Mosley, a municipal court judge in Wisconsin, is linked to over 419 connections on linked in.

Workers' Compensation Judges have joined the social networking crowd in large numbers. Over 445 "hits" show up on for workers compensation judges. While some links are public others are private allowing for anonymity.

It has been reported that Judges have used Facebook searches to establish the veracity of excuses in case where the attorney calls in sick. The opposite may now be true, the attorney might be able to learn what the Judge has eaten for breakfast.

The logic for connecting through the social networking community is well placed. The access to information through connections and groups provides information, trends and analysis at low cost and relatively ease of use.

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