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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Latex Allergy Adverse Reaction Caused by Swine Flu Shot

Just as health care workers and first responders have started to line up for H1N1 flu shots, an adverse reaction to latex has been reported. This development adds further to to the compensable risks resulting from adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Latex allergy claims have long been held compensable in workers' compensation courts throughout the country. The original claims arose out of exposure to latex protein in gloves that came into use as a result of the AIDS epidemic.

A case of latex allergy reaction has been reported in Australia during a vaccination program. While the vaccine and the vial are supposedly latex free, the packing material may not be, and that may have trigger the reaction.  One in 100 people are thought to have an allergy to latex. 

Reactions to latex may be mild or transitory or may be a permanent sensitization causing hives, shortness of breath, total disability and possible death.

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