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Monday, November 8, 2010

California Applicants' Attorneys Association Announces New Legislative Team

The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association (CAAA), whose members represent Californians injured on the job, today announced a new legislative advocacy team. CAAA President Barry Hinden said, “CAAA is announcing a new team that will be a strong voice on behalf of the rights and dignity of Californians injured while doing their jobs. Our legislative team looks forward to working with all stakeholders to insure that insurance carriers pay to heal workers’ on-the-job injuries and income support while disabled. Over the past six years many families have been left without medical care or disability compensation due to changes demanded by Governor Schwarzenegger. We look forward to working with the new governor, legislature and the workers’ compensation community to make changes to restore balance, and make the system work more effectively and efficiently by reducing unnecessary delays and costs.”

Hinden announced the following legislative representation team:

Mike Herald – Legislative & Policy Advocate – Mr. Herald, an attorney, has spent the past two decades advocating on behalf of low income Californians in the State Capitol while representing the Western Center on Law & Poverty. “My experience representing struggling California families has shown me how important it is people injured at work receive adequate insurance coverage. Workers’ compensation insurance is to provide workers the opportunity to heal, knowing they won’t lose their home or drown in debt. It is in everyone’s interest to have adequate insurance so that costs for injured workers do not fall upon the taxpayers. I look forward to collaborating with legislators, administrators and stakeholders to improve the workers’ compensation insurance system.” Mr. Herald will be CAAA’s lead legislative representative in the Capitol.

Richie Ross – Legislative and Political Consultant – Mr. Ross, a longtime California labor advocate and campaign consultant, has advised CAAA for more than 15 years. He will now serve as political and legislative consultant, advising CAAA on strategy, lobbying, and political contributions and campaigns. “I look forward to strengthening CAAA’s alliances with organized labor, civil rights and consumer organizations. Californians injured at their jobs often have difficulty getting insurance companies to pay their legitimate claims.  There are many others who face similar obstacles. And when insurance companies don’t meet their obligations, it is the taxpayers who end up footing the bill. Californians want to prevent that cost shifting.”

Sen. Martha Escutia (Ret.) – Legislative Counsel – "The Senators (ret.) Firm - legislative counsel: founded by former Senators Martha Escutia and Joe Dunn, the firm brings extensive legislative and political experience to the CAAA team. In fact, Senators (ret) Escutia and Dunn were two of the three "no" votes in the State Senate on SB899. Sen. Escutia (ret) will serve as the lead partner from The Senators Firm for CAAA. Ms Escutia, trained as a civil rights attorney, and said, “I look forward to using my experience in advocating for the civil rights of women and minorities on behalf of those injured at work. Those injured on the job often have their medical care delayed or denied, and their permanent disabilities are largely uncompensated, and insurance companies discriminate in apportioning disability compensation. I intend to involve diverse California communities in efforts to improve California’s workers’ compensation insurance system, and seeking fair compensation and prompt, quality medical care.”
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