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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Election Validates A New Approach to Workers Compensation

The recent election results confirm that a new approach to handling the century old workers' compensation is needed and that some definite trends are developing.

Washington State: The insurance industry initiative for privatization was defeated.

New Jersey: The constitutional amendment to prohibit raiding the Second Injury Fund revenue was passed.

California: Jerry Brown was elected governor and the Republican assault on the state compensation system rejected.

Nevada: Harry Reid was re-elected validating the innovated "Libby Health Care" Plan for medical care for occupational illness and the Federalization of the program and the US Senate's initiative.

New York: Andrew Cuomo was elected governor and revision is likely of the administrative assault on workers' rights.

Nationally, the soaring US deficit, and a State system that continues to fail to deliver health care to occupationally injured workers, will eventually need to be addressed by Congress. The 2008 strong Democratic mandate has not evaporated. The Democrats still control the Senate (51-D v 46-R) and downtown at White House. The newly acquired House Republican majority (234-R v 180-D) is instilled with the chaos of an unsettling newly emerging third party, Tea Party, alliance.

The course ahead still remains promising for enacting a unified and coordinate program to help injured workers obtain medical care for occupational diseases on a timely and effective basis without breaking the bank. The vision of a coordinated epidemiological research program to prevent occupational disease and  insure safe working conditions remains hopeful.

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