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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Court Rules Social Security Offset Not Barred by Time

A NJ Court of Appeals has ruled that the reverse-offset permitted under Federal law was allowed to be asserted by an insurance carrier years after an original workers' compensation judgment was entered. Even though the employee pleaded that the insurance company had sat on its rights for years, and done nothing to assert the offset, the Court maintained that the insurance company was entitled to reclaim the benefits it had overpaid.

Since the information provided by parties to define the numerical offset was lacking, and the decision below lacked "specific reasons and analysis," the matter was remanded for further proceedings.

NJ is one of the states that elected to have the insurance company / employer take the offset under the options available in 1980. Most states allow Social Security to take the offset.

Gonzalez v Bristol-Meyers Squibb, 2011WL611722, Docket No. A-2187-09T3 (NJ App Div 2011)