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Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 Ways Infections Become Compensable in Workmens Comp

Infections are nasty and sometimes fatal. Ill employees maybe entitled to collect workmens comp benefits for the treatment and residuals of an infection. Infections are considered communicable diseases and are contagious. There are 3 types of infections that be eligible for payment.

Infections that flow from a traumatic event are generally compensable. Even if there is a delay in seeking professional medical care the injured employee may be entitled to benefits. Sometimes the infections is dormant and does not become manifest for some time after the traumatic event that caused the injury. Preventative antibiotic treatment is sometimes recommended.

Some infections are contracted during treatment such as infection that are acquired during hospital stay. Those are called Hospital Acquired Infections  (HAI). These infection are expensive to treat and are a major concern to insurance carriers and government insurance programs such as Medicare. Medicare plans to impose economic penalties on hospitals for infections, ie. staph (MRSA),  that patient acquired during hospital stays.

A third type of infections are those that are the result of occupational accident and injuries. First responders and medical personnel  who suffer from exposure to meningitis, strep and HIV patients. These exposures may occur by simple contamination of the work area. In California legislation has been offered to establish a presumption that hospital employees infected on the job qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

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