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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deal or No Deal: Judge Relies on Court Appointed Physician

An Appellate Court has rule that a Judge of Compensation can select an independent physician to review the need for medical treatment. It doesn't matter whether or not the parties agreed formally or informally as to the binding effect of the physician's opinion as to causal relationship and the need for treatment.

The Court has discretion to merely rely upon the physician's opinion and reach a reach a decision based upon the report. The cost  of the evaluation is to be paid for by the employer /insurance carrier. Furthermore, the Court need not hold a hearing for oral argument on the issue and can reach a binding on the papers alone.

Thompson v. Quality Et al., 2011 WL 3107767, Docket No. A-1177-10T1 (NJ App. Div.) decided July 27, 2011.