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Monday, August 29, 2011

Pensions, Workers Compensation and Medical Benefits

The State of New Jersey has taken assertive action to guarantee medical benefits to injured workers for their lifetimes even though they are receiving accidental injury pensions. The Director has issued an Administrative Directive requiring language to literally toll the statute of limitations and permit the Division of Workers' Compensation to retain jurisdiction over such matters where the injured worker has accepted the continuing medical benefit option.

"Petitioner has been awarded and accepted an accidental disability pension effective _(date)_. To resolve the workers' compensation case, petitioner and respondent have agreed to provide petitioner with reasonable and necessary medical treatment for injuries related to the _(date)_ accident. This Order for continuing medical benefits shall not be subject to the two year statute of limitations and such medical benefits shall continue for the life of the petitioner or until further order of this court."

By statute, workers' compensation awards are offset by pension awards. The medical issue remains open usually and medical benefits remain the responsibility of the employer. The medical issue becomes a complication when costs are attempted to be shifted to collateral medical carriers or Medicare. The subsequent reimbursement issue then generates medical lien claims that must be litigated. The incorporation of the language will greatly clarify responsibility and expedite medical care and payment.

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