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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Complex World of Workers' Compensation and Pharmaceutical Benefits

The Workers’ Compensation system, designed over a century ago, was intended to provide medical benefits that were to be delivered to injured workers in an efficient and effective manner. Over the decades, the benefit program has evolved into a complex and costly system that is difficult to navigate and provides uncertain outcomes. Pharmaceutical benefits have become a serious concern and have added complexity and costs to the program.

Prescription drugs have become an increasingly important issue in workers’ compensation law. Their use in workers’ compensation claims has resulted in both a major direct financial cost to the system, and has had substantial impact on the efficiency of the administrative process. The use of prescription drugs in workers’ compensation will require further discussion in order to maintain the system as the efficient, remedial social legislative system the crafters envisioned over a century ago.

Gelman, Jon L., The Complex World of Workers' Compensation and Pharmaceutical Benefits, New Jersey Law Journal, Vol. 206, p. 5, October 2011. 

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