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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Workplace Violence: Workers Compensation Judge Removed For Taking a Gun To Work

I once walked into a workers' compensation court and the Judge was using a 3 foot sledge hammer as a gavel. How far a field one can go before crossing the line of what is appropriate conduct for a judge was the subject of a recent court decision.

A Court in Pennsylvania has ruled that it is unlawful for a workers' compensation judge to bring a gun to work. The judge was removed from office and terminated.

Click here to read: Peter E. Perry v. State Civil Service Commission, No. 2751 C.D. 2010 (PA 2011)

"....the Commission credited L&I‟s evidence regarding the existence of its policies concerning weapons in the workplace and Perry‟s 14  violations of those policies. The Commission‟s supported findings reveal the following. L&I issued its employees a Weapons Policy Statement, which specifically prohibited the possession of weapons, including, among other things, all forms of firearms, “while in or on property owned or leased by [L&I].” F.F. No. 9; R.R. at 134a. The policy specifies that violations “may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination from employment.” R.R. at 134a. Perry received this policy. F.F. No. 10; R.R. at 136a-37a. Perry also received a copy of Management Directive 205.33 relating to workplace violence, issued by the Governor‟s Office, Secretary of Administration, which applied to all agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction. R.R. at 125a-32a, R.R. at 136a-37a."

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