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Friday, September 14, 2012

Job Stress A Risk For Heart Attack

Map of Heart Disease Death Rates in US White M...
Map of Heart Disease Death Rates in US White Males from 2000-2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lancent reports that stress at work posses and increased risk for a heart attack. Workers' Compensation benefits are payable if work-related stress is a material cause of a heart condition.

"30 214 (15%) of 197 473 participants reported job strain. In 1·49 million person-years at risk (mean follow-up 7·5 years [SD 1·7]), we recorded 2358 events of incident coronary heart disease. After adjustment for sex and age, the hazard ratio for job strain versus no job strain was 1·23 (95% CI 1·10—1·37). This effect estimate was higher in published (1·43, 1·15—1·77) than unpublished (1·16, 1·02—1·32) studies. Hazard ratios were likewise raised in analyses addressing reverse causality by exclusion of events of coronary heart disease that occurred in the first 3 years (1·31, 1·15—1·48) and 5 years (1·30, 1·13—1·50) of follow-up. We noted an association between job strain and coronary heart disease for sex, age groups, socioeconomic strata, and region, and after adjustments for socioeconomic status, and lifestyle and conventional risk factors. The population attributable risk for job strain was 3·4%."


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