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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sleeping On The Job - New Strategies for Sleeping

Everyone agrees that sleep is import and the that the lack of it causes an increase in accidents on the job. The puzzling question is whether it is the quality of sleep that counts and not the quantity, and whether an individual requires a straight block of eigh hours or rather smaller "blocks" of sleep to accomplish the rest one needs to be alert on the job.

Today David K. Randall, a senior reporter at Reuters and author of "Dreamland: The Stange Science of Sleep," writes in the NY Times that employers who allow their employees to nap o the job maybe achieving healthy benefits through higher quality of sleep.

"No one argues that sleep is not essential. But freeing ourselves from needlessly rigid and quite possibly outdated ideas about what constitutes a good night’s sleep might help put many of us to rest, in a healthy and productive, if not eight-hour long, block."

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