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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Medical Outcome Based Compensation - Essentially a Workers' Compensation Concept Already

Outcome Based Medicine Being Adopted by NYC
The idea of compensation medical providers for the end result, or benefits of medical care provided, is not a new concept as it is already embraced theoretically by the workers' compensation system. Employers, who usually control the delivery of medical benenfits, not only pay for medical benenfits, but also compensate the injured worker for the outcome through permanent disability awards.

In actuality the workets' compensation system rewards the employer for the most favorable outcomes by theoretically awarding lower permanent disabillity benenfits to those with the most favorable outcomes.
Adopting this concept to the nation's entire medical care system, is a wise step and one that is being advanced in the New York City Hospital system.

"In a bold experiment in performance pay, complaints from patients at New York City’s public hospitals and other measures of their care — like how long before they are discharged and how they fare afterward — will be reflected in doctors’ paychecks under a plan being negotiated by the physicians and their hospitals."

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