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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NFL, Like M.D.'s, Was Slow to Recognize Concussion Risk =Orentlicher & David

Professor George W. Conk
The internationally recognized expert on complex liability claims, Professor George W. Conk,  of Fordham Law School reports in his blog, TORTS TODAY, of a forthcoming law review article, Concussion and Football: Failures to Respond by the NFL and the Medical Profession, 8 (1) FIU Law Review.

He states, "Brain injury in the NFL has gained the attention of public health authorities who have documented that NFL players die of neurodegenerative disorders at a rate triple the national average.  The NFL finds itself and the game on the defensive."

Click here to read the complete blog post: NFL, Like M.D.'s, Was Slow to Recognize Concussion Risk =Orentlicher & David

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