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Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Opt-Out" -- TSA To Remove All Controversial Rapiscan Backscatter AIT Machines

The US Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is following the lead on many other countries, including the European Community, and is removing all Backscatter machines from service. While not admitting to the radiation hazards of the equitment, TSA announced that it is just removing them from service at airports. They will be placed into storage and possibly redeployed for other government use.

"All Rapiscan AIT units currently operational at checkpoints around the country, as well as those stored at the TSA Logistics Center, will be removed by Rapiscan at their expense and stored until they can be redeployed to other mission priorities within the government. Most of the backscatter units being removed will be replaced with millimeter wave units. The millimeter units will be moved from the inventory currently deployed at other airports and from an upcoming purchase of additional millimeter wave units. "

TSA Blog, 1/18/13

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