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Thursday, February 21, 2013

CMS Announces New WCMSA Re-Evaluation Procedure

February 12, 2013

Effective immediately, if a WCMSA proposal amount was originally submitted via the web-portal,  a re-evaluation of an approved WCMSA amount can be requested through the WCMSA web portal, if the claimant or submitter believes that a CMS determination:

• contains obvious mistakes, such as mathematical errors or a failure to recognize that medical records already submitted show a surgery CMS priced has already occurred, or
• misinterpreted evidence previously submitted, a re-evaluation maybe requested.  

Please refer to  Question # 12 of the July 11, 2005, procedure memorandum located in the “downloads” section of this page for detailed information regarding when a  re-evaluation request maybe submitted.  The CMS Regional Offices will continue to review the requests submitted through the portal.

Posted on CMS Workers Compensation Agency Services

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