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Thursday, February 28, 2013

E-Filing Is A Good Thing

Workers' Compensation attorneys need to adapt to new technology. A case in point is electronic filing.

The Bob Cummings Show
January 2, 1955 to September 15, 1959
Two jurisdictions recently have sparked efforts for adaptation to new procedures designed to implement more expeditious and cost savings measures.

Over fifty years ago, there was a sit-com on TV, The Bob Cummings Show. The program mocked a GrandPa's ability to adopt to new technology. The aging parent used gifts of an electric blanket as a bread warmer, and an electric rotisserie as a sock dryer.

NJ has adopted e-filing of motion practice that speeds docketing and service of pleadings in the vast majority of cases. While not mirroring the stellar Federal Court Case Management Electronic Filing System with compete exhibit PDF submissions permitted, it does make major improvements to the process.

Florida has reported, that despite offerring an e-filing, parties are still entrenched in their old and wasteful habits of using USPS Certified Mail for process.

Adaptation is a difficult process for the workers' compensation bar, especially for those who seem to spend a lot of time looking through the rear-view mirror. The benefits of e-filing are enormus and the workers' compensation bar should make every effort to quickly adapt.