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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silica Linked to a Fatal and Compensable Lung Cancer

A foundry worker, who was exposed to silica for over 35 years, was held by a NJ Workers' Compensation Judge, to have contracted a fatal lung cancer as a result of his employment. His spouse was awarded dependency benefits.

Compensation Judge, Philip A. Tornetta, in a recently published decision (Johnson v. Campbell CP NO. 2007-11564), found that a worker's adenacarcinoma was related to his exposure at on the job. The Judge based his decision upon a review of the death certificate, Material Data Safety Sheets, hospital records, oral testimony from the surviving spouse, and expert medical testimony.

Following the landmark NJ Supreme Court decision in Fiore v. Consolidated Freightways, 140 NJ 452 (1995) [an occupational heart claim], and Lindquist v. City of Jersey City Fire Department, 175 NJ 244 (2003) [mandating evidential review of scientific evidence], the Court reasoned "the preponderance of the credible evidence" proven the exposure to caused a compensable and fatal medical condition.

The Obama Administration is reviewing proposed rules to reduce exposure to silica in the workplace. It is anticipated that they will be adopted shortly. Judge Tornetta's decision reflects the urgency of the need to promulgate silica regulations immediately. 

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